Herkimer Diamond Cluster (A Grade) - 21

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I am in full alignment with my highest self. I seek the truth and attract only what brings positive light and abundance my way.

High vibrational Herkimer Diamonds can bring you into alignment with your highest self and amplify your frequency to become a manifesting magnet. These powerful 300 million year old crystals help to cleanse and energise your energy centres and are a powerful totem to support you on a transformational journey. 

Unearthed in: Herkimer County, New York, U.S.A
Stone size: 3 x 2.5 cm approx
Carat: 65.9ct



Herkimer Diamond is a stone of alignment and one of the most powerful varieties of Quartz. Bringing activation, cleansing and healing to all the chakras this stone can assist in breaking trauma bonds and clearing out old stagnant energy from the aura.

Holding the stone between your thumb and pointer finger, you may feel the subtle vibrations of this stone even if you haven't connected to crystals before.

You may place this stone on your crown for deeper insight and connection to spirit.



A-grade describes crystals with perfect to semi-perfect terminations and minimal to no inclusions.

Beginning their formation almost 500 million years ago, this unique variety of Quartz is named after the Herkimer County in New York USA. Unearthed in small pockets within the Little Falls Dolomite, these crystals formed slowly and without the interruption of volcanic activity and other elements to become incredibly clear, well-formed crystals. 

Known for their clarity, high lustre and short doubly terminated shape, they have coined the misnomer "diamonds" due to their likeness to octahedral Diamond crystals. Whilst they are, in fact, Quartz they are a truly unique and special variety.

Other similarly shaped crystals can be found in Pakistan and China but do not hold they same inclusions and may show deeper striations and petroleum inclusions.


MOHs hardness 7-7.5

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Yes, our crystals are ethically sourced & sold.

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Ethical mining/sourcing refers to the conditions in which a crystal is unearthed and the people and/or businesses that do it. Whilst a mineral may be sourced ethically from the earth, many stones are sent to factories in other countries for cutting and polishing into spheres and generators. 

The label of ethics also applies to the selling and consumer purchasing. 

Crystals must be correctly identified, certified as natural with any treatments disclosed. Too often crystals are lab grown or treated in a lab and sold as natural. This is incredibly important to us (and our in-house gemmologist) so each piece is tested and certified and accompanied by and authenticity card.

We pride ourselves on our crystal ethics, from earth to home.