is procrastination sabotaging your self care?

How to transform procrastination to empowerment with practical self-care strategies.

By Stacey Lim

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procrastination often looks like productivity

It's pretty incredible how our brains perform backflips and dance around the actual task that needs doing. We find ourselves ticking off tasks and feeling accomplished - justifying not doing the things we should be doing. This is often self-care and the avoidance of this might be a sign of an old erroneous belief system that is no longer serving our highest potential.



The best place to start is small and simple. These easy-to-implement self-care routines can build momentum and size overtime. This could be a 10-minute daily mindfulness practice, a short walk, or journaling. The key is to begin with small, manageable tasks that don’t feel overwhelming - something you enjoy! As these habits become ingrained, you can gradually introduce more comprehensive self-care practices. Whilst we can find activities we enjoy, it can still feel out of our comfort zone as it’s something new and unfamiliar.


Celebrate your achievements, no matter how minor they may seem. Recognising and rewarding small wins can boost motivation and reinforce positive behaviours.

Fallen off the wagon? It's just as important to implore self compassion and be kind to yourself as you're finding your way. Hold yourself accountabe but also be kind. Learn from your experiences and use steps backward to drive you forward.