Connect to your innate intuitive powers for self guidance.

self guidance

the ritual

This Self Guidance experience is anchored in a ritual using:

1. White topaz crystal
2. Aromatherapy "Self Guidance" blend
3. 20 minute guided meditation

These tools work together to create the safe space and vibration for tuning inwards and listening to the messages from your heart, body and soul.

the details

how it works

the meditation

a guided journey

A 20 minute guided meditation taking you on a visual and sensory journey through a nature scape to discover your inner wisdom.

Enhanced by the vibration of white topaz and the scent of the aroma blend, lay back, relax and enjoy this secret garden of wonder and imagination.

self guidance


Any time you seek guidance from your own inner knowing or from the universe, this is your ritual to bring you the answers you need. Consider this ritual a tool in your belt that you can lean on in times of uncertainty to bring clarity.