Do you want to shop natural, certified crystals with confidence?

Would you like to learn about their formations from an expert?

Keen to know their healing properties and how to use them?

Join LIVE on Instagram for your exclusive Crystal Class + Live Sale. During the 1 hour experience you will have an opportunity to purchase from our curation of beautiful high grade crystals as well as learn about what they are, how they form and what they're used for. Pieces are limited.

Upcoming events:

Monday January 25th, 12-1pm
New find*** Cerussite with Barite from Morocco
A-grade Clear Quartz from Brazil

Tuesday January 26th, 8-9pm
A curation of Australian minerals.
Mookaite, Chrysoprase, Pear Creek Jasper, Variscite, Prehnite, Serpentine Stichtite.







- Open instagram, follow us (@ulunalife) and wait for our live event to begin.
You'll see a notification or see our profile turn to live on your stories series.
- Click our profile to tune in.
- You may comment throughout the live event with any questions. 
- To purchase: comment the item's code and "please", first to comment be seen on our screen is successful.


Terms & Conditions

- Please only comment if you're going to follow through with the purchase.
- Occasionally the order of comments differs on your screen to ours, we will go by our own internal HQ account screen order.
- Invoices sent via instagram DMs. Payments to be made with 48hours of invoicing.
- Payments can be made via Paypal, Credit Card, Direct Deposit, Apply Pay and Afterpay.
- $10 domestic shipping, $15 express. INTL available, please enquire.
- We offer an Open Trolley for those continuing to add to their parcel and then ship in one larger shipment.