The sensory science of ritual

The importance of daily intentonal acts of ritual.

- Stacey Lim

When we anchor our energy into a ritual we are setting an intention for our highest good. 

A practice of self-care when lighting a candle and slipping into a bath,

A practice of self-love by nourishing our body with nutritional foods.

A practice of gratitude by reflecting on our personal strength and resilience.

We are teaching our subconscious mind that we are safe, worthy of love and care and that we belong in the world. The basic needs we need to be met in order to truly experience happiness.

Make it symbolic and meaningful, make it a pleasurable sensory experience and make it enjoyable enough to want to repeat it and make it a part of your life.

As your energy shifts and you feel well, the energy around you will align with this new vibration.

“The branches of a tree may grow in different directions, but they all draw nourishment from the same root.”
- Wald Wassermann