Guided Meditation & PDF Guide - Earth Star Chakra Ritual

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Sit back, relax and be guided to connect with your Earth Star Chakra.

This 10 minute guided meditation is created to gently guide you to connect with the energy your Earth Star Chakra. A beautiful journey of discovery, to lean in and experience your body and how its energy feels.

This journey will help you shift stagnant energy and reconnect to your physical, emotional and energetic body. 

For the complete Uluna Experience...

Enjoy in conjunction with our Earth Star Chakra aromatherapy blend to gently connect you to your Earth Star chakra for a high vibrational activation and healing.

This blend comes with a complimentary Petrified Wood tumbled stone to help ground your energy and reconnect to the vibrations of the earth.


Length: 10min approx

Meditation written and spoken by Stacey Lim.

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The meditation is recorded and distributed on the Sound Cloud app and will be available to listen to anytime.


The Chakras we know most about are our “personal” chakras, wheels of energy that exist within our physical bodies. The often neglected Earth Star chakra is a “SubPersonal” chakra, meaning it exists outside your body, somewhere between 15 to 40 cm below you.

If you are one of those people who struggles to feel secure, balanced and unsure of your place in the world, working with your Earth Star chakra will be beneficial. A big part of this is taking the time to connect with your energy to discover what brings you balance… Balance often manifests happiness which in turn can provide more energy, stability and set yourself both goals and boundaries.