Cloudy white or peachy-orange variety of gypsum (typically satin spar variety).

Colour: Selenite is cloudy white but can also be peachy-orange, brown or grey.

Common geological occurrence: World Wide but commonly in Mexico, USA and Brazil.

Crystallography: Crystals show a pearly white lustre and form as large fibrous or columnar masses in veins and cavities. A very soft mineral that is easily sliced or broken along the crystal axis to produce smaller pieces.

Crystal care: Selenite (satin spar gypsum) can break-down/dissolve in water, keep dry and away from liquids at all times. If carrying selenite with you, always keep protected in a padded pouch.

MOH's Hardness 2

Selenite (satin spar gypsum) is very soft and delicate. You may find small flecks of selenite on your hands after handling your crystal. Knocking or hitting your crystals, even gently, may result in some minor damage to your stone, so handle with care always.

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Cleansing, Clearing, Lunar Energy

This gentle gem has powerful and wide-ranging cleansing abilities connected to the crown and third eye chakras. Named after Selene, the Greek goddess of the moon, this stone is said to be connected to lunar energies; balancing the waves and cyclical patterns of emotional behaviour to return your mind to a tranquil state. During a new or full moon, amplify your connection to lunar energies by using this gem to facilitate your meditation or intention ritual. Selenite works best as a master cleanser, clearing your body and space of negative energy and restoring balance giving you a fresh energetic slate.

USES: Need a cleanse? This stone has your back, front and sides. Gently sweep away sticky vibes by gliding a selenite wand from your crown to your feet.

Cleanse and recharge your crystals by placing them on top of a piece of selenite overnight.

Place a piece of selenite near your front door or sacred space entrance to wash away the stagnant or sticky vibes of those that enter.

Place a long crystal under your mattress/bed, in-line with your spine to balance chakras and clear away unconscious negativity whilst you rest.