Black Tourmaline

Black variety of Tourmaline (schorl).


Colour: Opaque black to brownish-black

Common geological occurrences: Brazil, Australia, Mexico, Argentina, Sri Lanka and USA. 

Crystallography: Forms as prismatic and short tabular crystals and clusters. Crystals show striations down the length of the crystal and are typically singly terminated. Australian black tourmaline commonly forms as masses (Warrierite). Crystals can be ultra fine or large ‘log’ like formations. Prismatic crystals tend to have a triangular cross section.

Observations: Commonly found in association with quartz, calcite and mica minerals and commonly as an inclusion of other minerals (quartz, aquamarine).

Crystal care: Black tourmaline is not a particularly delicate stone but some heavily striated or clustered formations can be brittle.

MOH's Hardness 7

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Protecting – Grounding - Detoxifying



Keep calm and utilise black tourmaline knowing you’re safe and protected from bad vibes.


This incredible multi-tasker is an essential stone of every crystal kit as it’s our healer, cleanser and protector. Black Tourmaline is one of the few crystals able to protect, and heal, on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. It reflects negative energy back to its source and protects against many ailments.

Known to not only deflect negative energy it keeps you in a positive state of mind whilst keeping you grounded and balanced. A purifying mineral, black tourmaline is an absorber of any toxic and negative energy and seals your sacred space or home with a protective shield. It also supports our immune system, reduces anxiety and helps us to detoxify on all levels.

The grounding properties of this root chakra stone can keep you anchored in the physical plane whilst meditating or flying high with crystal vibrations. Black tourmaline is an extremely powerful all rounder that everyone should have to form a protective bubble against negative energies.

Uses: Create a happy place to be and maintain a boundary of protection, between your personal space and those that enter it, by placing near the entry or griding the four corners of the room.
Wear or keep a piece on you to ward off negativity in the workplace.
If you have children, of any age, keep a piece in the bedroom or study area to dispel negativity and create a happy place.