Mexican Fire Agate Tumbled Stone 1pc

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I am shielded and protected. I feel invigorated and recharged by life-force energy.

Carry Mexican Fire Agate to energise your sacral and solar plexus - your centres of power and creativity.

Unearthed in: Mexico
Approximate size (cm): 3 x 3cm
Note: We will intuitively choose a piece for you.



Carry Mexican Fire Agate to energise your sacral and solar plexus - your centres of power and creativity. Let this stone remind you of your own personal power and passion for all that you do. Don't be humble or afraid to shine, grab your enthusiasm and run towards your goals.


Crystallography: Agate is a cryptocrystalline variety of Quartz, meaning it is composed of fine dense crystals that can only be seen under microscopic magnification. The microscopic crystals are deposited at relatively low temperatures by silica-rich circulating ground waters and line voids and cavities creating fine layers of agate.

The high amounts of iron oxides give this mineral it's orangy-red colours and in some occasions an iridescent sheen.

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All crystals possess different physical qualities that can make them brittle, delicate or unstable. Take time to read and understand the best way to store, clean and use your crystal.
 MOH's Hardness 7

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Yes, our crystals are ethically sourced & sold.

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Ethical mining/sourcing refers to the conditions in which a crystal is unearthed and the people and/or businesses that do it. Whilst a mineral may be sourced ethically from the earth, many stones are sent to factories in other countries for cutting and polishing into spheres and generators. 

The label of ethics also applies to the selling and consumer purchasing. 

Crystals must be correctly identified, certified as natural with any treatments disclosed. Too often crystals are lab grown or treated in a lab and sold as natural. This is incredibly important to us (and our in-house gemmologist) so each piece is tested and certified and accompanied by and authenticity card.

We pride ourselves on our crystal ethics, from earth to home.