Guided Meditation - Self Guidance Ritual

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Sit back, relax and be guided to your space of inner wisdom for self guidance on your journey ahead.

"I gently activate my crown, third eye and throat chakras to harness my innate and intuitive capabilities as a life compass."

This 20 minute guided meditation is created to 
gently guide you to connect with the energy of White Topaz, the aroma of our Self Guidance blend whilst engaging your crown, third eye and throat chakras for a transformative journey back to self trust and your inner knowing.

This journey will help you shift stagnant energy and reconnect to your intuitive self to re establish trust for self guidance.


For the complete Uluna Experience...

Enjoy in conjunction with our Self Guidance ritual blend to create a safe space and vibration for turning inwards and listening to the messages from your heart, body and soul.


Length: 20min approx

Meditation written and spoken by Stacey Lim.
For "meditation-only" purchases, you will receive a link to the meditation on Monday 19th September.

If you have purchased a crystal or blend to be shipped, you'll receive a QR code card in your parcel.

The meditation is recorded and distributed on the Sound Cloud app and will be available to listen to anytime.
For the complete Uluna Experience...
Enjoy in conjunction with a White Topaz Crystal from our collection and our Self Guidance ritual roller blend to engage your sense of smell and bring balance and harmony to your mind.