Guided Meditation - Personal Power Ritual

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Sit back, relax and be guided to a deeper connection with your authentic self and Triphane vibrations.

This 20 minute guided meditation is created to gently guide you to connect with the energy of Triphane whilst engaging your crown, heart and solar plexus for a transformative, high vibrational activation and healing.

This journey will help you shift stagnant energy and old programs to bring you grounded confidence in the here and now to boldly step into authenticity.

I hold the key to my personal power and I open the door to a whole new world of confidence and abundance...


For the complete Uluna Experience...

Enjoy in conjunction with our Personal Power ritual roller blend to engage your sense of smell and bring balance and harmony to your mind.

Meditation written and spoken by Stacey Lim.

Upon purchase, you will receive a link to the meditation.