Bi-colour Spodumene - 01

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I am loved, I can trust and I feel and abundance of love within me. 

This bi-colour Spodumene (containing the pink of Kunzite and the green of Hiddenite), is a very special addition to our crystal collection due to it's vibrant display of colour. 

Kunzite is known as a powerful love stone, helping to heal and restore trust in ourselves and others. The gentle nurturing energy from Kunzite can be a powerful tool for love-conjuring rituals, manifesting an aura of pure love energy.

Unearthed in: Afghanistan
Size: 6 x 3.5cm approx
Weight: .303kg



A stone for love and tenderness, Kunzite is known to support the heart as it heals, forgives and finds compassion for self and others. These uniquely coloured crystals bring together the vibration of pink and green to harmonise the hearts masculine and feminine energies.



Kunzite is the pink to lavender variety of Spodumene; green is Hiddenite and yellow is Triphane. Kunzite was first recognised in 1902 and made famous by Tiffany's pioneering gemologist, George Frederick Kunz, who was the first to identify it as its own variety.

Kunzite can be irradiated and then heat-treated to enhance its colour. Both treated and natural colour in Kunzite can fade with exposure to heat and bright light.

The colour of Kunzite is saturated down the main crystal axis and it due to lithium.

MOH's hardness: 6.5-7

Crystal system: Monoclinic


Although crystals have survived hundreds of thousands to millions of years (wow) in our earth they are still delicate and must be treated with TLC. 

Kunzite presents cleavage in two directions and care must be taken to avoid damage. What's that? Well it means there's a weakness in the atomic bonds in certain crystallographic directions... What does that mean? Basically it "cleaves" or breaks with relatively low impact or pressure. Try not to let it fall or bang against other crystals. Treat it with care.

This crystal also fades when exposed to sun light, so keep off your window sill.

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Yes, our crystals are ethically sourced & sold.

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Ethical mining/sourcing refers to the conditions in which a crystal is unearthed and the people and/or businesses that do it. Whilst a mineral may be sourced ethically from the earth, many stones are sent to factories in other countries for cutting and polishing into spheres and generators. 

The label of ethics also applies to the selling and consumer purchasing. 

Crystals must be correctly identified, certified as natural with any treatments disclosed. Too often crystals are lab grown or treated in a lab and sold as natural. This is incredibly important to us (and our in-house gemmologist) so each piece is tested and certified and accompanied by and authenticity card.

We pride ourselves on our crystal ethics, from earth to home.