Each product has a customised visualisation to help you manifest the positive changes supported by the oils and crystals.

A visualisation is one of the many ways we can navigate meditative practices by sourcing memories of sensory stimulations to completely engulf our imagination into a pleasant and calming exercise.

Our brains are powerful computers that are programmed from day one and continually updated through life experiences. As adults we can continue to draw on positive memories of smell, sound, touch, taste and vision to bring our mind back to a state of tranquility. Think of a visualisation as a method to go to your mind’s ‘happy place’.

A visualisation works most effectively if the imagined scene evokes all of our senses. This powerful practice of visualising can encourage our brains to physically feel the experience and recap the rewards of the pleasant ‘experience’.

By incorporating this process of sitting quietly and imagining, visualising and experiencing into your self-care ritual you will be more likely to experience positive changes within yourself.