Orange variety of feldspar with hematite inclusions.


Colour: Colourless, white, peach, vivid orange or brown.

Geological occurrences: India, USA and Brazil.


Crystal care: Sunstone is a soft and brittle stone, cleaving and scratching easily so it must always be handled with care. MOH's Hardness 6 - 6.5

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Properties: inspiration, happiness, sensuality, creativity, empowerment


This crystal is the little ray of sunshine we need to conjure within ourselves. Uplifting and joyous, sunstone can help support our emotions bringing balance and peace of mind. Make peace within yourself and let go of worries and fears. Let this crystal take you on a path of self acceptance and be comfortable to just be YOU!


Working with our centre of sensuality, this crystal can evoke our senses and help us to express our sexuality, in particular our nurturing and feminine qualities. A stone for ‘feeling’, get in touch with your mental and physical body and be comfortable in the skin you’re in; learn to love yourself.