Rainbow Moonstone

Rainbow Moonstone is a white variety of the feldspar mineral labradorite.


Colour: White to grey body colour with blue or multi-coloured ‘labradorescence’ (sheen). 

Common geological occurrences: India.

Crystallography: This feldspar mineral typically forms in masses. The spectral flashes of colour, known as labradorescence, are caused by repeated layers (lamellar twinning) of alternating feldspar minerals. As white light strikes the stone’s surface some passes through to layers beneath and diffracts, some wavelengths of light are absorbed and the remaining is reflected light producing colourful light.

Crystal care: Due to the twinned internal structure of this stone it is prone to cleaving or ‘cracking’ so handle with care.

MOH's Hardness 6

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Nurturing, Intuition, Balancing


Rainbow Moonstone holds the energy of the moon and brings to us a window into our own intuitive state. Linked to the crown chakra it connects with divine inspiration. It is the crystal of meditation and enhances our ability for introspection and quiet time to simply “Be”. It helps us find internal clarity of thought that is often difficult in our busy day-to-day lives. Personal insight into our own emotional state can be enhanced with the use of Rainbow moonstone.