Pyrite is metallic gold iron sulphide mineral also known as ‘fools gold’.


Colour: Brassy yellow with a golden metallic sheen.

Common geological occurrences: Spain, Chile, Russia, Peru, Australia, USA. 

Crystallography: Belonging to the cubic crystal system, pyrite typically forms as cubes, pyritohedrons (irregular dodecahedron with pentagon faces) and octahedrons. Forming as single crystals, clusters and twinned crystals, pyrites can be large impressive specimens or fine glittery masses of crystals. Some cubes may show striations.

Crystal care: Pyrite is porous so keep away from liquids and handle less frequently than your other crystals to ensure the surfaces of your crystals stay lustrous and they cannot be cleaned. An environment with moisture in the air may cause your pyrite to rust, keep dry and away from water.

Clusters of pyrite are fragile, so handle with care.

MOH's Hardness 6 – 6.5

General crystal care here



Inspirational, Empowering, Motivating


Think of Pyrite as your life coach and use its incredible energy to inspire and motivate you to achieve your dreams. Often known as “Fool’s Gold” this remarkable crystal holds its value in its ability to light a fire in your belly to help make dreams a reality. Pyrite is Mother Nature’s gift to the procrastinators of the world. You will find an energy and determination you may have previously lacked to get the kick start you need to achieve your goals.


Uses: Meditate with pyrite to boost self-confidence, creative energy and find inspiration to chase your dreams.

Keep a piece of pyrite in front of your mirror. Its reflective properties will be increased by further reflection, encouraging you to reflect on your own thoughts and aspiration.

Keep Pyrite close for its protective energy if you feel nervous about taking the next step in life.