Pink Tourmaline

Pink tourmaline is one of the coloured varieties of elbaite tourmaline and often called rubelite.


Colour: Pale pink through, vivid mid-pink through to a rich dark pinkish-red. Often colour zoned or bi-coloured. Cause of pink is typically manganese.

Common geological occurrences: Brazil, Afghanistan, Madagascar, USA.

Crystallography: Forms as prismatic crystals and clusters. Crystals show striations down the length of the crystal and are typically singly terminated. Prismatic crystals tend to have a triangular cross section.

Observations: Commonly found in association with quartz, calcite and mica minerals and commonly included in quartz.

Crystal care: Tourmaline is not a particularly delicate stone but some heavily striated or clustered formations can be brittle.

MOH's Hardness 7

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Love, Healing, Emotional Balance


Pink tourmaline has a strong supportive nature, facilitating emotional healing by supporting your heart chakra. Like a glowing ray of loving vibrations this stone sends a warm comforting energy bringing a comfort and ease in opening yourself up to receive love and send your own loving energy outwards to others.

Radiating positivity as you peer through the rose-tinted aura of pink tourmaline, this gem brings an optimistic air to your space and to those that are in it. This gem brings emotional balance by returning your mood to a tranquil state.

Uses: Keep beside your bed to enhance the flow of love and emotional healing.

Place in your home to bring an air of optimism to your space.

If you need to balance your mood throughout the day keep a piece on you or hold when you are feeling emotionally vulnerable.