Lepidolite is a lilac-grey to pinky-rose coloured variety of the mica group.


Colour: Grey, lilac-grey through to dark purple, pinky-red, coloured by Lithium.

Common geological occurrences: Brazil, Russia, USA and Madagascar.

Crystallography: Typically forming as small flaky crystals in dense aggregates, lepidolite can also be in large tabular, foliated forms, micasceous pseudo-botryoidal habit and masses of tiny glittery crystals. 

Crystal care: Lepidolite is brittle and prone to flaking. The thin sheets of mica part easily in thin sheets so care must be taken when handling.

MOH's Hardness 2.5 - 3

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Balancing, Calming, Stabilising



Known for its calming, emotional balance, Lepidolite is a true gift from nature to help with mood swings and those “blue” moments we all experience at times in our lives. Lepidolite naturally contains Lithium, which has been used for a very long time to balance mood and emotional turmoil.

The energy of stability and transformation is also supported by this beautiful crystal. It will help you recognize the things you want to change and help you set goals to achieve them with a brighter, clearer outlook on life.

Uses: Keep a piece of Lepidolite beside your bed at night to help clear thoughts and balance moods.

A piece by your computer will protect against electromagnetic fields also.

If you find a bath soothing keep a piece near the head of the bath to help absorb negativity.