A calcium fluoride mineral of the halide group.


Colour: Colourless, green, purple, pink, yellow, orange, red, blue. Transparent through to translucent.

Common geological occurrences: South Africa, Mexico and China.

Crystallography: Forming in the cubic crystal system, fluorite displays most crystal forms; cubes, octahedrons (single crystals are typically cleaved), rhombdodecahedron and truncated forms. Found as cubic masses most commonly.

Observations: Banding is very common, sometimes showing multiple layered colours. Incipient cleavage is a common inclusion as well as iridescence (rainbows) on healed fracture planes.

Crystal care: Fluorite is a very brittle stone, cleaving and scratching easily so it must always be handled with care. If carrying fluorite with you, always keep protected in a padded pouch. Wands and generators are not safe to carry unless boxed.

MOH's Hardness 4

General crystal care here



Clarity, Calming, Focus 

Declutter your mind with the energy of Fluorite and allow the mental fog to lift. Gain a clear view of a more purposeful, happy life in which your hopes and aspirations can be realised. The gentle healing powers of this crystal will help chaotic thoughts give way to waves of clarity and organisation. Fluorite is fantastic stone for students and teenagers to help with clearer, wiser decision making and focus in study by removing negative influences and distractions.


Uses: Embrace both the psychic energies of purple and calming energies of tropical blue/green when you meditate with this gift from nature.

Keep fluorite close in moments of indecisiveness or where focus is needed.

Flourite’s natural affinity with water will be amplified by keeping near your bath or shower if you need to clear confused thoughts.