Emerald is a green variety of the beryl mineral species.


Colour: Vivid pale green through to deep velvety green.

Common geological occurrences: Brazil, India, Colombia, Russia, Australia.

Crystallography: Forming as hexagonal prisms or tabular crystals as single or clustered crystals in a white, grey and black host rock/schist. Gem-grade crystals are transparent vivid green, whilst most affordable crystal specimens are opaque pastel green, showing partial hexagonal forms. A green coloured beryl can only be classified as ‘emerald’ if it is coloured be chromium and/or vanadium.

Crystal care: Emerald isn’t a soft stone but is brittle and can chip easily.

MOH's Hardness 7.5

General crystal care here



Eternal Love, Balance, Patience


Emerald is the stone for successful and abundant love. Aligned strongly with the heart chakra this mineral is said to attract one heart to another with a magnetic life-force, bound for eternity in domestic bliss. A stone to teach patience, emerald can keep your heart’s fire at bay to allow for a more accepting nature towards others and yourself. Releasing pressure and frustration emerald imparts self-love and self-esteem.

Strengthening bonds in all relationships, emerald brings unity, loyalty and meaningful connections between friends and family. By stimulating the heart chakra emerald has a healing effect on emotional pain, bringing harmony and balance to all areas of life.


Uses: Place emerald in the entertaining area of your home to encourage peace and harmony between guests.

Keep beside the bed to ignite passion and a reconnection of love.

Carry emerald with you to bring emotional balance to your day.