The calcite group is home to various carbonate minerals that are isomorphous with one another.


Colour: Calcite forms in a wide variety of colours and crystal forms. More commonly colourless, white, yellow, orange, blue, green and pink.

Common geological occurrences: World wide.

Crystallography: Crystals can be singular crystals, clusters or as masses with smaller ‘cleaved’ pieces showing smooth/flat cleaved (‘broken') surfaces and rhombohedral habit. Calcite may also be found in acicular, fibrous, stalactite, stalagmite or globular habits.

Observations: Stones can be transparent to translucent, show banding and have a waxy/resinous lustre. Transparent crystals exhibit strong double refraction doubling images when placed on top.

Crystal care: Calcite is a very brittle stone, cleaving and scratching easily so it must always be handled with care. If carrying calcite with you, always keep protected in a padded pouch.

MOH's Hardness 3

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HEALING PROPERTIES (general calcite)
Healing, Energy Amplifier, Cleansing

A powerful yet gentle healer, calcite is connected to the ‘angels’ and works to attune you with your intuition, encouraging receptiveness and openness on your spiritual journey. A great stone for spiritual newbies, the high vibrations of this stone can be easily connected to. A sponge for toxic energy, calcite can transform darkness to light, negative energy into bright positive vibrations.


Uses: Use calcite in your sacred space as a bright cleansing stone.

Meditate with white calcite to open your crown chakra and get connected to your higher consciousness.



Amplifying, Communicating, Truth

 Blue Calcite has the power to amplify your intuitive powers, increase the clarity of your dreams and reduce anxiety in relation to communication, such as expressing differing opinions or reducing your fear of public speaking. People suffering communication blockages, such as writers block, may be assisted by Blue Calcite. This crystal can soothe frayed nerves and helps students through exams, particularly oral presentations.


Uses: Keep a piece of Blue Calcite under your pillow to improves clarity and intensity of dreams and help you to remember them

Having a piece of blue calcite in your family/lounge/living room will help ease issues for family communication.

Hold blue calcite to your throat when rehearsing speeches to help confidence in speaking.