Blue Lace Agate

Blue banded variety of agate (cryptocrystalline quartz).


Colour: Pale white-blue through to mid-lavender blue. Changes in temperature and mineral sources during formation influence changes to the layers of agate resulting in a banded pattern and varying tones of colour and crystal grain size.

Common geological occurrences: Brazil,

Crystallography: Agate is a cryptocrystalline variety of quartz, meaning it is composed of fine dense crystals that can only be seen under microscopic magnification. The microscopic crystals are deposited at relatively low temperatures by silica-rich circulating ground waters and line voids and cavities creating fine layers of agate.

Observations: Banding may be straight, curved or rippled forming a ‘lacy’ appearance

Crystal care: MOH's Hardness 7

Whilst agate isn't a 'soft' stone it is still prone to scratching and surface dulling over time if not handled with care. 

General crystal care here



Balance, Soothing, Relieves Tension
Blue lace agate helps with calming the mind and body by cooling off fiery emotions and renewing a sense of tranquillity. A wonderful healing and protective stone with a gentle energy and a capacity for nurturing and supporting, blue lace agate can help to dispel fears and anxieties, release anger and ease tension. Allow the soothing vibrations of this stone to activate the throat chakra, allowing open and honest communication. Blue lace agate can help in expressing previous repressed or suppressed feelings to return you to a natural state of serenity.


Uses: Keep this stone close by and hold anytime you feel anxious or hot headed.
Place stone over your throat chakra to give your courage for verbal expression.