Aventurine (green)

Green variety of quartz (quartzite) containing fuchsite inclusions that causes the green colour and aventurescence.


Colour: Pale green through to dark green.

Common geological occurrences: India and Brazil

Crystallography: This stone forms in masses rather than crystals, often with pyrite flecks as well as the chromium-baring muscovite ‘fuchsite’. The dense inclusions give this stone a grainy appearance when raw and glittering aventurescent sheen.

Crystal care: Aventurine is a fairly resilient mineral. Rough/raw chunks may be porous and prone to chipping on sharp edges.

MOH's Hardness 7

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Releasing Negativity, Love, Self-love


Aventurine has a warm, secure energy which aligns with your heart chakra. It’s beauty and charm link to the power of “plenty” which it turn creates an opportunity for you to open your heart to the loving feelings around you and, most importantly, within you!

Aventurine creates a sense of confidence and self belief that creates optimistic views of the world around us therefore allowing opportunity to enjoy a loving life.