Each product has a customised affirmation to help you manifest the positive changes supported by the oils and crystals.

An affirmation is one of the many ways we can re-program our brains to influence a positive change within ourselves. 

Our brains are powerful computers that are programmed from day one and continually updated through life experiences. As adults we can continue to add coding through various sensory inputs. 

Affirmations are positive words, typically in statement form, that reinforces a positive feeling, emotion or action that you wish to manifest within yourself. By repeating an affirmation, either in your mind or aloud to yourself, you are programming your brain with an instruction. As affirmations are statements set in present time, much like our own conscious and unconscious thoughts, we can replace old negative ways of thinking with new ways that are encouraging, positive and uplifting. This literal communication with our mind can affect our emotions, behaviours and physical wellbeing by potentially reducing stress and anxiety.