Spirit Quartz Cluster 01


  • Spirit Quartz Cluster 01
  • Spirit Quartz Cluster 01
  • Spirit Quartz Cluster 01

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Healing Energy, Harmony, Alignment

This incredible cluster features clear quartz crystals, terminated with amethyst and with small amethyst terminations deposited on the prism faces. Absolutely sparkly and beautiful, these formations are unusual.

A stone to bring peace and harmony, this crystal can help balance our inner struggles, calm our emotions and help us to navigate our head/heart conversations. Keeping us grounded and connected with mother nature, feet firmly on the ground, rooted in our surroundings spirit quartz can also help our spiritual journey by opening the crown chakra and letting our inner light shine.

Learn more about Amethyst healing and gemmological properties here

Unearthed in: South Africa
NOTE: Fades in direct sunlight.
Crystal Care click here

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