Smoke Clearing Kit

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Into this smoke I release what does not serve my highest good. I am calm, at peace and balanced.

The Smoke Clearing kit has been created to clear negativity around your home, work space, aura and anywhere you feel stagnant energy may be. Feel supported you as you welcome new, vibrant and positive energy into your life, home and heart.

5 x Charcoal disks
1 x Packet smoke clearing blend (approx 20g)

Use this kit in conjunction with your clearing & cleansing ritual or for your Full Moon ritual. Use anytime you feel the heaviness of negative energy, seeking change or a fresh start.



Smoke Clearing 
is a cleansing ritual used to rid a person, space or object of negative energies.

Through the smudging process we can neutralise our aura or the energy of other spaces and objects to cleanse and renew.


A blend of: Sage, palo santo, frankincense and myrrh. 

Charcoal disk



Take your charcoal disc and place it on a heat proof dish in a safe space (keep away from children and pets).

Take a flame to the charcoal and heat until burning (red embers).

Place dried ingredients on top of the charcoal disc - do this with intention.

What do you wish to release?

With each piece delicately falling to the charcoal, feel your energy shift and align.



Yes, our crystals are ethically sourced & sold and all of our oils are organic and fair trade.

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Ethical mining/sourcing refers to the conditions in which a crystal is unearthed and the people and/or businesses that do it. Whilst a mineral may be sourced ethically from the earth, many stones are sent to factories in other countries for cutting and polishing into spheres and generators. 

We pride ourselves on all of our ethics, from earth to home. We ethically source all our oils where growers and producers are always paid fairly for their work and products. Our oils are derived from many different plants and their varying parts and we work hard to ensure that they are only harvested sustainably from their natural environment. 

The label of ethics also applies to selling and consumer purchasing. 

Crystals must be correctly identified, certified as natural with any treatments disclosed. Too often crystals are lab-grown or treated in a lab and sold as natural. This is incredibly important to us (and our in-house gemmologist) so each piece is tested and certified and accompanied by an authenticity card.