Selenite Cleansing/Charging Bowl - Small 6.5cm

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Calming, Cleansing, Lunar Energy

These large cleansing/charging bowls are perfect for all your crystal jewellery/ tumble storage needs. Whilst cleansing and charging your crystals they also provide a convenient way to keep your small precious items safe.

This gentle gem has powerful and wide-ranging cleansing abilities connected to the crown and third eye chakras. Named after Selene, the Greek goddess of the moon, this stone is said to be connected to lunar energies; balancing the waves and cyclical patterns of emotional behaviour to return your mind to a tranquil state. During a new or full moon, amplify your connection to lunar energies by using this gem to facilitate your meditation or intention ritual. Selenite works best as a master cleanser, clearing your body and space of negative energy and restoring balance giving you a fresh energetic slate.

Learn more about Selenite's healing and gemmological properties here

Unearthed in: Morocco
Approximate size (cm): 6.5cm diameter
NOTE: Delicate/soft stone 
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