Red Stilbite cluster

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Calming, Universal Love, Heart Connection

This red/peachy delight is perfection! An unusual colour and formation of stilbite with red stained colouration and small glittery stilbite druze.

This piece lays flat and is perfect for a coffee table or sitting up for display.

A stone known for its ability to be gentle on delicate hearts, the nurturing and calming energy of stilbite gracefully heals emotional wounds. Stilbite bestows a heart-mind connection, allowing you to 'think with your heart' and feel safe doing so. Inspiring intuitive powers, this stone helps to channel deep inner passion and open up the heart to new human connection, emotional connection and universal vibrations of love.

Learn more about Stilbite's healing and gemmological properties here

Unearthed in: India
Approximate size (cm): 18L x 21W x 6H
NOTE: Delicate formation, soft stone.
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