Rainbow Moonstone Sphere 04


  • Rainbow Moonstone Sphere 04
  • Rainbow Moonstone Sphere 04

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Nurturing, Intuition, Balancing

these gorgeous spheres have spectral flashes that dance along the surface showing blues, greens, yellow orange and red.  

Rainbow Moonstone holds the energy of the moon and brings to us a window into our own intuitive state. Linked to the crown chakra it connects with divine inspiration. It is the crystal of meditation and enhances our ability for introspection and quiet time to simply “Be”. It helps us find internal clarity of thought that is often difficult in our busy day-to-day lives. Personal insight into our own emotional state can be enhanced with the use of Rainbow moonstone.

Unearthed in: India
Approximate size (cm): 3.5 diameter 
NOTE: Soft surface hardness
Rainbow Moonstone is a white variety of labradorite, plagioclase feldspar. 
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