Pink Tourmaline 01

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  • Pink Tourmaline 01
  • Pink Tourmaline 01

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Love, Healing, Emotional Balance

The prettiest little pink tourmaline we ever did see, this gorgeous specimen has multiple long prismatic crystals nestled amongst snowy white quartz and feldspar.

Pink tourmaline has a strong supportive nature, facilitating emotional healing by supporting your heart chakra. Like a glowing ray of loving vibrations this stone sends a warm comforting energy bringing a comfort and ease in opening yourself up to receive love and send your own loving energy outwards to others.

Radiating positivity as you peer through the rose-tinted aura of pink tourmaline, this gem brings an optimistic air to your space and to those that are in it. This gem brings emotional balance by returning your mood to a tranquil state.

Learn more about Pink Tourmaline's healing and gemmological properties here

Unearthed in: Brazil
Approximate size (cm): 9L x 8W x 5H
NOTE: Crystal Care click here

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