Mossy Stilbite Cluster 02

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Calming, Universal Love, Spiritual Connection

This is a stunning mossy stilbite also contains apophyllite, heunadite and celadonite. A rare pocket from India found in 2019.

Set your intention: 
i radiate love and bring attract the good energy of those around me

Known for its capacity to soothe and calm feelings of anxiety and fear, apophyllite brings a clearing, cleansing energy to all and everything in its vicinity. It has the ability to release a pleasurable, childlike vitality to a room and the people in it.  

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A stone known for its ability to be gentle on delicate hearts, the nurturing and calming energy of stilbite gracefully heals emotional wounds. Stilbite bestows a heart-mind connection, allowing you to 'think with your heart' and feel safe doing so.

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Unearthed in: India
NOTE: Delicate formation, soft stone.
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