Moon Manifesting Kit #7

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Set your intention, focus and feel it, transform your mind, manifest your dreams

Each piece in this kit was intuitively chosen, (some from my personal stash) with a focus on quality, energy, intention and the harmony of them working together.

Be your best you.

What's in the kit?

8 x intuitively chosen crystals to be your support through your moon manifesting journey

1 x white sage smudge stick to cleanse and renew you and your crystal before each phase.

1 x FREE 'nurture' essential oil roller to enhance your mindful practice and support your emotions

1 x FREE how-to guide to carry you through each phase.

Beautifully boxed in our Uluna packaging :-) 

The crystals:



Blue lace agate

Black tourmaline 


Ruby in Kyanite

Kyanite with Fuchsite


NOTE: pink display box not included...