Lepidolite Raw Slice


  • Lepidolite Raw Slice
  • Lepidolite Raw Slice

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Balancing, Calming, Stabilising

This piece is a high grade lepidolite crystal... a purple variety of mica, this specimen shows the fine sheets of mica layering together with a beautiful colour zoning in the centre.

Known for its calming, emotional balance, lepidolite is a true gift from nature to help with mood swings and those “blue” moments we all experience at times in our lives. Lepidolite naturally contains Lithium, which has been used for a very long time to balance mood and emotional turmoil. The energy of stability and transformation is also supported by this beautiful crystal. It will help you recognise the things you want to change and help you set goals to achieve them with a brighter, clearer outlook on life.

Learn more about Lepidolite's healing and gemmological properties here

Unearthed in: Brazil
Approximate size (cm): 6L x 8W x 1H
NOTE: Delicate surface.
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