Innerscapes Art Journal - Dreamy Moons

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A guided art journal, filled with prompts, exercises and colour-ins.

A bridge between yourself and an infinite well of ideas, inspiration and creativity. A connector between realms. A meditation you can hold.

Through this creation, the deepest intention is for you to connect with your creative power, find your flow, relax and lighten, express and release, and to get in touch with something bigger than yourself. It is up to you to decide how you wish to use this journal. Those who love structure and flow can start from the beginning and paint away in chronological order. There is a story to follow, but there is freedom within this story.

Those who love spontaneity will enjoy closing their eyes and opening the book at a random page to receive their prompt. Every page is it’s own journey, and you don’t need to know what was on the previous page, or on the page after, to fully immerse yourself into this interactive experience. 

However, for those who decide to paint at random… Once you complete all pages, go back to the beginning and flip through your journey. For there is always a larger purpose in smaller steps, that we do not realise until we reflect upon it...

• A4 size (210x297mm / 8.3x11.7 inches)
•  50 sheets / 100 pages
•  Beige cotton cloth cover (can be painted to create your own unique cover!)
• 200gsm mixed media paper, suitable for most common materials: watercolours, guache, acrylics, pastels, pencils, pens.

You don't need to consider yourself to be a great artist to enjoy this meditation. Most of the prompts are very abstract, allowing you to make the art as complex as you wish. You are not here to create masterpieces. You are here to let go, connect with imagination and express yourself through colours and shapes. 

Created and self published with love by artist Annie Tarasova