Calming Crystal Kit - Large

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Curated with high grade crystals, to soothe anxiety, release negative thoughts and evoke a calm and tranquil energy to you mind and space.

SELENITE GENERATOR – draws on the energies of the moon to balance waves and cyclical patterns of emotional behaviour to return your mind to a tranquil state.

MOONSTONE LARGE TUNMBLE – a stone for new beginnings and to support you on a new journey, this stone is connected to the energies of the moon, gently pushing you forward on your transformation path.

AGATE SLICE – soothing, calming keeping you in the present moment, connected to Mother Earth and connected to our own energies. 

* Gemmologically certified, energetically cleansed and charged under the full moon. 

NOTE: each crystal is unique. The images are sample images only to show you the variety of shapes and colours.