Grounding Ritual Bundle

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I feel safe to experience love

Use these tools in your mindful ritual any time you seek a reconnection to your heart centre of love and belonging. 


Use these tools in your meditation ritual any time you seek a reconnection to your heart centre of love and belonging. Consisting of a pair of Shiva Lingams, incense and a pack of high grade cacao, this set is perfect for a mediation ritual to ground and connect to your heart space.



Shiva Lingams hold the duality of the masculine and feminine. A stone for balance, these serve as a reminder of the sacred balance of energy within and around us. Bringing confidence, balance and vitality, these crystals are a perfect addition to a meditation practice.

Unearthed in: West India
Stone size: approx 8.5 x 3.5cm

Note: We will intuitively pick a pair 




Within 'Ground' incense. Expect woody and warm aromas, blended to promote awareness and ground you in the present moment.

Made from pure essential oils and natural binding bark from the Machilus Thunbergii tree, our incense is 100% natural, crafted on Awaji Island, Japan and hand packed in Melbourne, Australia.

Each tube contains 50 low smoke incense, with over 20 hours of burn time. The incense is approximately 14cm in length and contains no bamboo inner, meaning you will get more out of your burn.

Scent: Atlas Cedar & Pine




Living Koko Head and Heart Drinking Cacao is made from 100% cacao, no additives, no preservatives.  Just organic cacao fruit. The cacao beans are fermented for 7days and then sun dried them for 1-2 weeks.  They are then roasted and the cacao and ground for 24hrs. Once the cacao paste has cured it is grated to make it easier for you to use.  Head and Heart Drinking Cacao is ceremonial grade.

100 Grams