Gemstones - A Concise Reference Guide

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 A richly illustrated guide to the gemstones of the world

Gemstones have been a source of delight and fascination for thousands of years, from the icy brilliance of diamond and the soft iridescence of pearl to tough jade gems once used in weapons and pink topaz that was popular in Victorian jewellery. This book covers every known type of gemstone, exploring each one’s unique beauty, rarity, and durability. It reveals how gems form, where they are found and mined, how to identify them, and more. With sumptuous colour photos throughout, 
Gemstones offers dazzling insights into the world of the rare and the valuable.

  • Covers every kind of gemstone known to exist
  • Features a wealth of beautiful, full-colour photos
  • Discusses the natural history of gemstones and their physical and chemical properties
  • Explains how to distinguish the real from the fake
  • Discusses cutting and polishing techniques and their use in adornment throughout history
  • Includes invaluable identification tips

240 pages