Gemmology Tweezers (lockable)

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Experience your crystals, gems and jewels in a new and exciting way.

Hold and examine your gemstones and petite crystals with these gemstone tweezers. Ideal to use in conjunction with your 10x jewellers loupe. There's whole new world to explore with these trade-quality tools.




Tweezers are made from a satin finish stainless steel to help eliminate reflections inside a viewed gemstone and have a slide lock grip. The pincers are grooved to allow a gemstone girdle to sit safely without flicking out. They come in two sizes, a medium and fine point depending on whether you need them for larger stones (4mm and above) or smaller stones and diamonds (below 4mm).




Place your crystal or gemstone on a flat fluff-free surface - gemstones with their face down. Hold your tweezers steady and grip the sides of the stone. Gently slide the lock to secure the stone.