Emerald in Matrix 50

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Eternal Love, Balance, Patience

This is a beautiful example of clustered vivid green emerald crystals. The bright green pops against the black sparkly matrix. This specimen stands perfectly on its base displaying this glorious formation.

Set your intention: 
i am loved
i am calm and patient
i am enough and perfect as i am

Emerald is the stone for successful and abundant love. Aligned strongly with the heart chakra this mineral is said to attract one heart to another with a magnetic life-force, bound for eternity in domestic bliss. A stone to teach patience, emerald can keep your heart’s fire at bay to allow for a more accepting nature towards others and yourself. Releasing pressure and frustration emerald imparts self-love and self-esteem.

Strengthening bonds in all relationships, emerald brings unity, loyalty and meaningful connections between friends and family. By stimulating the heart chakra emerald has a healing effect on emotional pain, bringing harmony and balance to all areas of life.

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Unearthed in: India
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