Dioptase Cluster - 08

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I am healing and show myself forgiveness and compassion. I am kind and loving. 

A stone for self-healing and moving through emotional pain, allow Dioptase to support you on the journey back to yourself. These small high grade crystal clusters can be placed over your heart space or placed in your altar to bring calm and comfort.

Unearthed in: Kazakhstan
Approximate size (cm): 2 x 1.5cm



A stone for self-healing and moving through emotional pain, allow Dioptase to support you on the journey back to yourself. By helping you feel compassion and practise forgiveness towards yourself (and others) Dioptase can gently encourage you to push through the pain and give yourself permission to move on and manifest a new mindset.

The sturdy, masculine energy of Dioptase brings a sense of security and reliability, grounding you firmly and holding space for you to bloom.


The rich emerald green crystals of Dioptase get their colour from the mineral Copper. This rare mineral can be handled for meditation and kept safely on the shelf.

MOH's hardness: 5

Crystal system: Trigonal. Crystals are typically well-formed but small, measuring 2-6mm.


Although crystals have survived hundreds of thousands to millions of years (wow) in our earth they are still delicate and must be treated with TLC. 

This is a delicate formation and to be handled with care.

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Yes, our crystals are ethically sourced & sold.

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Ethical mining/sourcing refers to the conditions in which a crystal is unearthed and the people and/or businesses that do it. Whilst a mineral may be sourced ethically from the earth, many stones are sent to factories in other countries for cutting and polishing into spheres and generators. 

The label of ethics also applies to the selling and consumer purchasing. 

Crystals must be correctly identified, certified as natural with any treatments disclosed. Too often crystals are lab grown or treated in a lab and sold as natural. This is incredibly important to us (and our in-house gemmologist) so each piece is tested and certified and accompanied by and authenticity card.

We pride ourselves on our crystal ethics, from earth to home.