Black Tourmaline Crystal 02

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Protecting, Grounding, Detoxifying

Keep calm and utilise black tourmaline knowing you’re safe and protected from bad vibes. This awesome chunk will be your body/mind/soul guard. Forming with mica and pink granite, so pretty!

Set your intention:
i am grounded, protected and feeling positive

This incredible multi-tasker is an essential stone of every crystal kit as it’s our healer, cleanser and protector. Black Tourmaline is one of the few crystals able to protect, and heal, on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. It reflects negative energy back to its source and protects against many ailments.

Known to not only deflect negative energy it keeps you in a positive state of mind whilst keeping you grounded and balanced. A purifying mineral, black tourmaline is an absorber of any toxic and negative energy and seals your sacred space or home with a protective shield. It also supports our immune system, reduces anxiety and helps us to detoxify on all levels.

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Unearthed in: Brazil
NOTE: Brittle.
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