August Energy Grid Kit

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I am charged with life force energy as I courageously step into a new phase.


Our August energy grid is created with the intention to help realign yourself with what truly activates the life force energy within you. Follow your curiosity, let go of fears and boldly step into a higher vibration as winter comes to a close.

Crystal Grids are a beautiful and powerful way to to work with crystals and integrate more meaning into your intentions. 

This is a complete grid. See below for details.



2 x Himalayan Quartz crystals > High vibrational, healing on all levels

2 x Demantoid Garnet crystals > Passion, pleasure and emotional containment

2 x Peridot faceted gems > Rejuvenation, inspiration to renew and reset

2 x A-Grade Herkimer Diamonds > Alignment to highest self, amplification

4 x Black Tourmaline crystals > Protection, repel low vibrations

2 x Carnelian crystals > Motivation, joy, vitality

2 x Sunstone crystals > Courage, positivity, personal power

2 x Tiger Eye crystals > Optimism, grounding, move through fear

1 x Apophyllite Point > Clarity, spiritual connection