8 Days to a Fresh Start - Experience

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This is your fresh start! Come on a journey with Uluna as we guide you through a transformational 8 day experience.

We all seek a fresh start at the beginning of the year and we have curated a unique 8 day experience to guide you through your energetic transformation.

This is an optimal time to focus on your own energy with some self-care, goal setting and ritual practices during the post Christmas period.

This is not your average advent calendar, this "soul ad-venture" is an 8 day experience guiding you from December 29th 2023 to January 5th 2024.

8 days, 8 parcels, 8 ritual experiences. Read more below.




The journey begins December 29th for 8 consecutive days, with the final day on January 5th.

Each day you will have 1 box to open and 1 ritual card with a QR code taking you to a unique ritual experience.

The box will contain a tool/tools for you to integrate into your day. EG: Aromatherapy blend, crystal, cleansing tool, ritual drink etc.

The ritual page linked to each box is unique and houses words, video and audio content to guide your practice for that day created by Uluna's co-founders: Stacey - Gemmologist, Julie - Aromatherapist.

🎁 8 wrapped mystery parcels (one to open each day)

💝 Each with high quality products (crystals, aromas, consumables, meditations etc)

🧘🏻‍♀️ Daily written/video guidance to support you in using each days goodies.

🕯️An opportunity to create space for yourself each day.

🥰 A fun way to explore new crystals, aromas, ritual tools and brands.

😊 An experience to bring in more joy and optismism.

💃🏻 Step confidently into your authentic self.

🙌🏼 Manifest by harnessing your creative energy.

🌞 Find clarity in your goals for 2024


Sales close November 15th or when sold out.

Your box (full with of 8 boxes) is shipped in early December, with plenty of time to kick off on December 29th. If you're going away and require your parcel earlier, please reach out to our team to discuss.

The box contains a value of over $650, including tools, Australian made products and brands, rituals, guided meditations and education throughout.

You will receive an invitation to a private community circle space housed within our Community Hub - here you can connect and share with our 8-day adventurers through this magical journey.




"The 8 Days to a Fresh Start has been helpful to reignite my love of rituals. It has helped me to connect with my playful innocence and to enjoy the simplicity of life."
 - Holly R 

"It reminded me of the importance of creating time for myself and stopping long enough to listen to my inner voice. Also, that I have the power to create the life I want but I need to be proactive in making my intentions my reality." 

- Janelle L

"I loved that ‘8 days to a fresh start’ was
a combination of surprises, structure and ritual. To have a process which provided for individual tailoring was a wonderful way to focus my attention and hone in on my intentions for the new year.
A perfect practice to end one year and start the new one. The bonus is that I have delightful crystals and blends as anchors for my intentions throughout the year. Thank you Stacey and Julie for a beautiful experience."

Trinh V

"The 8 days to a fresh start journey was purely magical.
It was exactly what I needed after a stressful year to get out of my head, recentre and forge a deeper connection with my inner self. Stacey and Julie created beautiful rituals that really helped shift my energy - you can really feel the love they put into creating the program, selecting the crystals and preparing the oils to support you on your journey. As someone who has studied psychology, I also appreciated the science behind the program and the fact that the journey was created to empower each of us to utilise the strengths we already have, but have maybe forgotten or lost along the way. I will definitely be utilising the skills and rituals I learnt in my daily life and would sign-up to another program in a heartbeat. It was a truly beautiful experience 💗

Karen Cowell

"Every step of the way I was pleasantly surprised and constantly awakened
. I loved the products associated with these rituals and the information I found along the way."

Elizabeth G

"I met with my old version of different stages first time. the feelings are beyond any description. I understand how important is to love yourself and creating boundaries are so important for growth."


"I absolutely loved these 8 days journey with Uluna,. I have learned so much and looking forward to enroll with more upcoming ones. Through this program I understand myself has given me the chance to see the possibilities of my future.Thanks Stacey and Julie.I am so lucky that I found you xx"


"I loved the entire experience of 8 Days To A Fresh Start! Unwrapping the daily gift, followed by reading an email and watching a short video was wonderful. Integrating these short rituals into my days was fun, simple and yet so transformational! Definitely value for money! Thank you Stacey and Julie for a beautiful, sacred experience. My favourite was the crystal grid!! 😁 Well thought out! Highly recommended and I would definitely purchase experiences from Uluna again!! Xx"