10X Jewellers Loupe

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  • $75.00
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Experience your crystals, gems and jewels in a new and exciting way.

This diamond-grade loupe (or hand lens) has a triplet lens to provide 10x magnification.

Use your loupe to explore the inner world of inclusions, the delicate details on the surface and the fine crystals in and around your specimens.




Pocket size 3 x 3 x 3cm, with a ring to attach to a lanyard or keyring.

Comes with a small, soft fabric case.



Hold the loupe in one hand up close to your eyelashes, gently resting your hand on your cheek for stability.

Bring the stone in your other hand up to about 1-2cm distance from the loupe lens until it comes into focus, using your fingers to anchor and stabilise to your other hand.

Use transmissed indirect light from a lamp to shine light through the stone to view internal features.

Use incident direct light to shine onto the stone to view surface features and textures.