LEVEL 1 ON SALE tuesday 4th, 2pm

the crystal mastership

The Crystal Mastership is here to help you turn your love and passion for crystals and mindfulness
into an abundant source of knowledge and personal growth.
The Mastership is a THREE LEVEL journey and we begin here at Level 1.

a blend of science + energetics

The ultimate crystal course...


the details

This is the foundation level where we prime you with a deeper connection to self and a firm understanding of crystal science and energetic fundamentals.

9 week container comprising of:
- Saturday 15th Oct - Opening Ceremony

- 7 x 90min virtual classes
- 2 x mentoring/integration sessions

- Friday 17th Dec - Closing Ceremony/graduation

Classes are held Mondays 6pm AEDT, beginning Oct 17th (all recorded)

See full curriculum below.

we know you love crystals... and you crave to know more! This course is for you if...


"Crystal School has provided me so much value. I love the knowledge I’ve gained on the scientific side of things, and the profound skills and techniques I’ve learned that I now keep in my spiritual tool belt and can be utilised for a lifetime."


your mastership program

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Uluna Graduate love note


Absolutely loved it. Looked forward to it every single week. Love everything I learnt, and it really helped me understand the spiritual side so much more, and I love how Stacey explains the science behind the spiritual practices. Having the course be both science and spiritual was excellent, not many in the crystal industry cover both and it’s what I love about Uluna.