We believe in the benefits of combining crystals with essential oils to completely harness the goodness of nature’s tools.



We're a mother-daughter duo combining our passions in aromatherapy and gemmology to create honestly natural, essential oil and crystal products to empower, inspire and bring peace and all the good vibes into your mind, body and spirit.

Each bottled blend is infused with crystals and created using 100% natural therapeutic grade essential oils along with 100% vegan, natural and organic ingredients. We use complex combinations of essential oils to ensure unique scents that, not only serve a purpose, but also smell divine.

We have created affirmations and visualisations to accompany each product to fully incorporate the senses into your spiritual journey and help you manifest your emotional goals.

We are dedicated to bringing you exquisite crystals, each hand selected by our Gemmologist whose knowledge of the mineral kingdom and decade of industry experience ensures authentic high quality specimens.

We are looking forward to sharing more about our story with you soon...

Love, sparkle and good vibes always

XO Uluna