astrology guidance

new moon in gemini

May 30th - 2022

"decide how you wish to use your communication skills in ways that may bring about more aligned and desired outcomes from here forth"

Dr Sara Fieschi


Lean on communication stones like chrysocolla and lapis lazuli along with oils to assist in giving you strength to release and renew. Place your oils over your throat and your stones over your sacral chakra, allow your body to show you what emotions it is holding. Nourish and nurture your energy, using smoke cleansing and gentle movement to release what is no longer serving you.

Stacey Lim FGAA
Uluna co-founder, Gemmologist


Give your mind and nerves a break (and subsequently support your digestion) by avoiding multitasking especially when eating around this New Moon.

Dr Sara Fieschi
Functional Nutritionist, Medical Astrologer
& Energetics Practitioner